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5 ways to earn extra money online for your travels

earn extra money online

I can’t believe it is mid-October already! That means it is time to start planning for the holiday season. During this time, it is always good to have a little extra cash. Whether it is for our holiday travels or just attending local holiday activities or parties, that extra cash will be very helpful. These are a few ways that you can earn extra money online to add to that piggybank


SWAGBUCKS is an online rewards and cash back program. You can use the search function, play games, watch videos, answer surveys and even shop to accumulate points. The points can then be redeemed for gift cards. For my points, I usually redeem the Amazon gift card.



EBATES lets you earn cashback when you shop online. I use this a lot when I book hotels for local travel. They have more than 1800 stores for you to choose from. I use this a lot when I book hotels for local travel. If you join now, you will receive a $10 welcome bonus.


IBOTTA gives rebates when you shop at the grocery store. You can download the free app (iPhone/Android) to your phone, make a shopping list and start earning money. After shopping, you will have to scan the product barcode and the store receipts to verify your purchase and redeem your rebates.


Take a lot of photos while travelling? Why not put them to good use? Sell them! Selling your travel photos is always a great way to earn extra money.  You can sell to companies like SHUTTERSTOCK or DREAMSTIME . For mobile photographers, you can sell your photos to SNAPWIRE (Download for iPhone / Android) via various challenges.


This will not earn you cash immediately but once your blog is established with a growing number of visitors, it is a good way to earn extra money. Writing about your travel experiences and signing up for advertisements and affiliates like Amazon will help to bring in the extra money.

I am sure there are plenty of other ways to earn that little bit of extra cash but for me, these are the ones that I like.

Do you have a favorite way to earn extra money online? Please feel free to comment.


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