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Moraga Steps @ San Francisco, California

Moraga Steps San Francisco California

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It’s hard to believe that it is 2016 already. 2015 was a great year for traveling and hopefully 2016 will be too. I do have a couple of trips in the works, so I am very excited about them.

We had a great ending to 2015 by spending 1 week in the Bay Area. California is always a nice place to visit at the end of the year because they do have really good weather compared to the Pacific Northwest. So what did we do in the Bay Area this time? This time we decided to skip the most touristy spot aka Pier 39 and headed to the lesser known attractions instead. We had been to Pier 39 a few times and it seems like a good idea to skip the whole fighting with the crowd vacation.

One of the first place we visited was the Moraga Steps. Moraga Steps is truly a beautiful sight hidden in a residential area in Sunset District. We arrived early and managed to find street parking near the steps. It wasn’t too crowded and there were a mix of both tourists and local.

And we saw this . . . 163 steps of gorgeous mosaic tiles!


About 1/4 ways up the steps, we turned around and saw this view of the city.


More close-up of the steps:


After climbing all the way to the top, this is the view we get. So beautiful!!


Then we climbed even higher to Grandview Park and got an even better view.


Love this place! I got my exercise climbing the steps and  enjoyed this gorgeous view and of course, the beautiful mosaic steps.

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