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Palace of Fine Arts @ San Francisco, California

Palace Of Fine Arts San Francisco

After a full day of wandering around San Francisco exploring the Moraga Steps, Grandview Park, JapanTown and Lands End Lookout, we had some free time and decided to go check out the Palace of Fine Arts. It is located in the Marina district of San Francisco. The big Rotunda (Big Dome) at the Palace of Fine Arts is a favorite place for wedding photography due to its majestic look.

Palace Of Fine Arts San Francisco

It is fairly easy to find the Palace of Fine Arts but parking there is limited and it can be very crowded. Even though we were there around late evening, we could not find parking and had to park in the nearby residential area. There were a lot of tourists wandering around taking pictures.

Palace Of Fine Arts San Francisco

The Rotunda is definitely very majestic and looks nice. I would love to go back & visit when it is less crowded and maybe at night too when it is all lighted up.

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