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Japan Day 4: One day in Kyoto

It’s Day 4 and today we explore Kyoto! Since we wanted to arrive at Fushimi Inari early before the crowd arrives, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Starbucks (because nothing else was opened that early!)  located at Porta Shopping Mall, Kyoto Station.

Travel Tip:
Most stores do not open early. So if you are planning to start the day early, the best            places to get breakfast are the 7-11 or Starbucks (usually open between 7-8am depending on branches)


 From Kyoto Station to Fushimi Inari Temple (JR Inari Station):
 Train: JR Nara Line
 Costs: ¥140 (USD$1.30) (child price is 50%) *FREE if you have the Japan Rail Pass
 Travel Time: 5 minutes

JR Inari StationThe JR Inari Station – a cute and quaint little station.

After spending a couple hours at Fushimi Inari (see detailed post HERE), we decided to go back to the hotel for a short rest instead of going straight to our next destination – Kiyiomizudera Temple.  It was very hot and we were tired from all the hiking up the temple. The jet lag was not helping either.

Travel Tip:
It gets really hot & humid in the summer in Japan, so if possible, travel in the spring or fall for the best weather


 From JR Inari Station to Kyoto Station:
 Train: JR Nara Line
 Costs: ¥140 (USD$1.30) (child price is 50%) *FREE if you have the Japan Rail Pass
 Travel Time: 5 minutes

Alternatively, you can go directly from Fushimi Inari to Kiyiomizudera by taxi or by train

From Keihan Fushimi Inari Station to Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo Station:
Train: Keihan Line
Costs: ¥210 (USD$2.00)  (child price is 50%)
Travel Time: 6 minutes ( walk 20 mins from station to Kiyiomizudera)

The great thing about staying at Hotel Granvia Kyoto is that we can go straight from the train to the hotel. This works really well if you are traveling with younger kids. After a short rest & a quick lunch at Kyoto Station, (did I tell you they have an awesome food court at the lower 2 floors of Isetan?), we took a taxi to Kiyiomizudera   It costs about ¥1100 (USD$10). If you have limited time like us, then it is better to take the taxi but if you have plenty of time, take the bus.

Kiyomizudera Temple was very crowded as expected. The entrance fee to the temple is ¥300 (USD$2.75) per adult and ¥200 (USD$1.85) per child . These tickets make really pretty bookmark souvenirs!

Kiyomizu Tickets

We were a little disappointed with Kiyomizudera because most of the temple were under construction.

Kiyomizu Dera

Even though it is a little disappointing, I will have to agree that it is time to renovate because this main building is definitely starting to show its age. Kiyomizu Dera

Travel Tip:
Kiyomizudera is undergoing major construction now. So be prepared for many closures to parts of the temple when you visit. Visit early to avoid crowds especially when shopping in Sannenzaka

After leaving the temple, we headed down Sannenzaka (shown on the 1st photo) and wandered around the traditional shops.

Then we took a taxi to Nishiki Market. We didn’t spend too long there because most of the shops were either closed or getting ready to close.

Travel Tip:

Nishiki Market is usually open from 9am-6pm depending on individual stores but the best time to visit Nishiki Market is between 10am – 2pm when the market is in full swing. We were there about 4:30 and a lot of the stores have either closed or ran out of food.

After exiting the market, we walked to Daimaru shopping mall and the foodie in us could not resist checking out their food court. Seriously we love the food courts in Japan. A couple of snacks later, it was time to hop on the train back to Kyoto Station.

 From Shijo Station to Kyoto Station:
 Train: Karasuma Subway Line
 Costs: ¥210 (USD$2.00) (child price is 50%)
 Travel Time: 4 minutes

Next, we travel to Nara & Osaka ……

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