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Hello! Welcome to Foodie Family Travel Blog. We are a family of 3 -Yves, DH & CJ (Age 12) who would love to be traveling all the time. Unfortunately at this time,  it is impossible for us to travel full-time. Instead, we try to take advantage of all the long weekends and summer vacations that we have to travel and explore.  We will be doing lots of mini vacations around the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the USA and long vacations around the world.

We are not budget travelers or luxury travelers. We do splurge a little for the sake of the kiddo but we also try to keep to a budget when we travel. I guess you can say that we are comfortable family travelers 😛 We are also a foodie family which means that most of the time, we will forego famous tourist attractions in search of food  😀

Please feel free to drop by and check out our family travels.

Besides traveling, I love to cook and craft too. Do check out Kooky Culinary for my cooking escapades and Kooky Projects for my crafts.

Thanks for visiting!



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