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There are so many awesome camping spots in the Washington & Oregon (aka the Pacfic Northwest). Over the last few years, we have camped in many of them. We like some of them but there are some that we do not ever want to go back again. Here are some of our favorite campsites. These are all in the National Parks and thus have pretty good facilities including bathrooms and showers.

Free Printable Camping Packing List

Free Printable Camping Packing List

Even though it is a little early, I was checking out our summer camping reservations and thought I would share my camping packing list. As a family, we love camping but we love car camping. Which means that while we are able to be outside enjoying the nature, we are still able to bring all necessities and maybe a little luxury and dumped them in the car for easy access. So this list is for those who want to do car camping.

Click HERE or the photo below for a free printable car camping checklist.

Free Printable Car Camping Packing List

This is just a suggested car camping packing list. Please feel free to add or subtract from this list to suit your own packing list.


Free Printable Pre-Travel Checklist


free printable pre-travel checklist

Even though I already have my favorite pre-travel checklist to help with my travel planning, I thought it will be nice to have a printable list too.  Call me old-school but sometimes paper lists are better than digital lists off gadgets especially when gadgets go missing. Sometimes the kiddo hides the gadgets! Why? I don’t know! 😀 Anyway, here’s the pre-travel checklist!


free printable pre-travel checklist

This free printable pre-travel checklist is geared towards international travels but it can also be used for domestic travels. Just ignore those irrelevant items. I hope this pre-international travel checklist will be helpful in your travel planning and reduce a lot of pre travel stress!

Ten hidden attractions in San Francisco

Those who have visited San Francisco will no doubt have visited the Fishermen’s Wharf at Pier 39, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street. Just like everyone else, we visited all the above places too. So when we were in the Bay Area this past Christmas vacation, we decided to explore some of the lesser-known tourist attractions around the Bay Area. These places are great to visit with kids.

1. Lands End Lookout

Lands End Lookout Trails
Located close to the Golden Gate Bridge, this park has lots of easy hiking trails, great ocean views and an awesome view of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can also check out the ruins of the Sutra Bath. There is also a new Visitor Center/Gift Shop & bathroom at the beginning of the trails.


Jelly Belly Factory @ Fairfield, California

Jelly Belly Factory Fairfield California

One place on the CJ’s bucket list is the Jelly Belly Factory. Located about an hour north of San Francisco, it is a fun day trip to enjoy with everyone especially the little ones. The factory does offer free tour of the factory but if you plan to do that, do arrive early. The line for the factory tour does get pretty long towards the afternoon.

While waiting in line for the tour, there are plenty of jelly bean vending machines that really attracts the attention of the little ones. :p